Way in Which to Keep Your Wood Blinds from Becoming Endangered in Jacksonville

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It seems that every couple of years a new type of window treatment comes out passing all the other ones by. Then only one that has been on the market the longest are wood blinds. That’s because of the durability that they offer.

The blinds offer an aesthetic appeal to any room where they are garnished in. Rooms such as the bathroom, bedroom and living room are places where they are installed most. There are lots of style options that include both vintage and modern.

Speaking of vintage, the only way in which to save your blinds from extinction is to keep them properly maintained. Maintenance can be done by you or by a professional. This all depends on your capabilities as a cleaner.

Caring for your Jacksonville blinds

  • Dryer sheet – Dust clutter will start to gather on your blinds if they are not cleaned at least once a week. You can use a feather duster, but that does not have as great enough impact as a dryer sheet does.
  • Oils – For a cleaner and shinier look, you can opt to use wax-free oils on your slats. Only use a small amount of oils because large volumes will ruin them. Water based floor cleaners are only temporary so avoid using them as well.
  • Vacuum – Use the soft brush attachment, on your vacuum cleaner, in order to rid the blinds of dust. In actuality, you can kill two birds with one stone as you can sweep your rugs afterword.

These blinds tend to be different from aluminum based one; although they both look like real wood. Cleaning them is essential in creating a product that can outlast you. Strengthening them over time will create that long lasting appeal.

Pets are another thing that you need to watch for. Dogs and cats love to play around the house and sometimes way too close to your blinds. They love areas to play in where they don’t belong and your blinds are one of those areas.

Children can ruin your blinds. Didn’t you ever mess with your mother’s when you were a child? Kids, along with pets, love to get into places where they can cause mischief. When one slat of your blinds breaks, it’s tough to repair one without needing a whole unit replacement.

Your wood blinds are something that need constant watching over to preserve them. Of course you can’t do that so you’re going to need external maintenance for them. You’ll be able to find that at Great Window Shades Inc..


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