Trendy Window Films that Will Add to the Uniqueness of Your Home in Jacksonville

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Instead of purchasing overpriced blinds for your windows, why not look into getting window films? These films are directly placed on the windows themselves for maximum affect. They come in all styles and varieties.

If you feel as though your home is more unique than the others on your block, then take the time to adorn your windows with something completely different. Films can make that difference and set your home apart from the mundane existence of the others.

Think of this film like tint for car windows. Why are windows to cars usually tinted? To keep the sun out and for added privacy. It also delivers maximum comfort. With film on your windows, it will reduce heat penetration for a much cooler home during the summer.

The benefits of the Jacksonville window treatment are as follows:

  • No more glare –These will definitely cut down on the glare, from the sun, in your home. Glare is an annoyance that you don’t need or want.
  • Saves on energy bills – Lowering energy bills seems like such a fantasy, but it’s now more of a reality using film for your windows.
  • Decrease heat –Windows take in a lot of heat if they are not energy efficient. With film on them, it will help to penetrate the heat for a much cooler home in the summer.
  • Sun screening – Getting into a car, that’s been in the sun all day, can be a very distracting situation. The same goes for homes where the sun has cooked the exposed windows all day.

Film for the windows is an affordable investment worth making. Of course there are low and high end versions of the film and styles that will affect the prices but for the most part, it’s a lot cheaper than interior shutters or custom drapery.

The film is made out of a polyester substrate. This is what makes it resistant to scratching and heat absorbance. One the film is applied on, it’s going to stick for good because of adhesive quality. It always is applied to the interior of the window.

They come in lots of different styles. You can get anything from dyed film to tinted. It’s your home so it’s your choice. They are all great as they’ll help to keep the temperatures moderated in the home. Consistent temperatures cause balanced energy bills.

You can find a professional window film installation contractor at Great Window Shades Inc.. They have been around the Eastern Florida area since 2005 and are still around today. They’ll get you the film of your choice so call them for an appointment.

If you are looking for a Window Blinds Company in the Jacksonville area, please call Great Window Shades Inc at 904-361-2010 or fill out our online request form

Great Window Shades Inc.

With tremendous thanks to Bill Scheff, a quintessential professional, the installation of Great Windows at our home was a delight in every sense. Both product and installation is a perfect reflection of Bill’s commitment to quality. We were totally satisfied with the beautifully designed and built plantation shutters. As importantly, Bill’s responsiveness, professionalism and installation quality more than met our highest expectations. We would not hesitate to contact or to unhesitatingly recommend Bill for any future window coverings!
- B & C
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My husband I have worked with Bill Scheff of Great Windows for many years, and definitely look forward to working with him again in the future. He has designed and installed shutters in almost every room of our home and garage (total of 22 oversized windows so far), along with automatic roller shades covering our whole patio. I cannot say enough great things about Bill. It is a pleasure working with him. He sees the big picture as well as the detail level to get it done right! His professionalism is top notch and delivers first rate services, along with a quality product. Bill, thank you for making our home more beautiful with your products! Bob and Carolyn Roggio
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